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Monday 05 June 2023


Organisational Knowledge

Organisational knowledge – it’s not a term commonly associated with business continuity, resilience, or disaster recovery, but it is a critical component.

Merriam-Webster offers several definitions of knowledge, including “the sum of what is known: the body of truth, information, and principles acquired by humankind.” Take a London Black Cab driver as an example – they spend several years studying the streets and buildings so they can get anywhere by the fastest route by address or building name, all without GPS assistance. They each know what few others know – every nook and cranny of London. This indispensable body of knowledge gives them a strategic and tactical advantage in conducting their business.

Companies should consider five major factors when compiling and organising all of their components into one repository and dashboard that integrates information from multiple sources into a unified display, an approach we view as a “single pane of glass.”

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