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Past events

Please see below for some of our previous events:

CIR Roundtable: Emerging Challenges In ERM
CIR’s most recent roundtable was held under Chatham House Rule amongst twelve senior risk professionals from financial services, banking, professional services, infrastructure, industry, housing and risk software sectors to explore the emerging challenges in ERM

CIR Roundtable: Operational resilience in a post-pandemic world
There has been much speculation about what the world will be like after the pandemic, but what effects have the last 18 months had on businesses’ approaches to resilience? Our recent roundtable with Sungard Availability Services discussed developments.

CIR Roundtable: ERM: Putting a face to the name
Our panel of experts refl ect on the challenges involved in establishing ERM programmes, and on how they are leveraging resources to improve outcomes.

CIR RoundtableTransformer risk management roundtable
Transformer failure is one of the main causes of power outages globally. CIR hosted a roundtable to discuss the ways in which the risk of failure can be minimised.

CIR RoundtableThe Claims Challenge
Our panel discussed the importance of efficient claims management in the business world, and how to ensure it.

CIR RoundtableInnovation in insurance:Debating the future
During this year’s AXA Corporate Solutions Client Forum, publisher of CIR Mark Evans asked four insurance experts about whose role innovation is within the corporate sector, the barriers it faces and the future for insurance innovation.

CIR RoundtableGaining competitive advantage through resilience
This roundtable was held to discuss the link between supply chain resilience and competitive advantage.

CIR RoundtableThe Evolution of Business Continuity Management
This roundtable was held to discuss the evolution of business continuity management across the organisation.

CIR RoundtableReputational risk and IT
This roundtable was held to discuss the relationship between a company’s reputation and its IT.

CIR Roundtable:Beware the White Swans
This roundtable was held to discuss the current and future threats to supply chain, and in particular the relationship between supply chain and business value and share price.