NaCTSO rolls out free security training for businesses

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office is inviting businesses to engage in a free training initiative designed to helps maximise safety and security using their existing resources.

The See, Check and Notify (SCaN) programme empowers employees to know what suspicious activity to look for and what to do when they encounter it.

Interested parties are invited to contact their local Counter Terrorism Security Adviser (CTSA).

"Your people are your biggest advantage in preventing and tackling a range of threats, including terrorism, criminal activity and protest," it stated.

SCaN modules (Source: NaCTSO)

SCaN is free. Six modules are delivered by qualified trainers:

SCaN for all staff: A 30-minute briefing for all of your staff. It covers vigilance, suspicious activity and reporting.

SCaN for customer-facing: A three-hour course for staff who have direct contact with your customers and site users. It covers suspicious activity, vigilance, the power of hello and reporting.

SCaN for CCTV operators: A three-hour course for CCTV operators. It covers identifying suspicious activity, awareness of observational and judgemental errors and working with police.

SCaN for communications professionals: A three-hour workshop for staff who work across communications disciplines, including internal communications, marketing, media liaison and digital communications.

SCaN for security managers: A mentoring programme for security managers. It empowers them to create a difficult environment for individuals or groups seeking to cause harm to your organisation.

SCaN for decision-makers: A 30-minute briefing for senior executives.

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