Airmic publishes M&A guide for risk professionals

As companies react to the ongoing challenges relating to the coronavirus pandemic, Airmic and Aon have published a guide to the key risk, insurance and human capital factors that risk professionals should consider as part of mergers and acquisitions.

Risk and Insurance in Mergers and Acquisitions sets out the stages involved in M&A and provides guidance on risk management and the role insurance can play. It also takes the reader through the various stages of insurance and risk due diligence.

The guide considers the different types of mergers -- whether an IPO, a public share deal, or an acquisition via the purchase of shares or assets; the information-gathering part of the M&A process; the significance of a comprehensive due diligence process to help the buyer make informed decisions regarding the risk exposures attached to a target business; transaction risk insurance solutions and legal considerations.

Julia Graham, deputy CEO and technical director of Airmic, said: “Mergers and acquisitions can boost growth and release opportunity, but the importance of assessing risk and undertaking comprehensive due diligence for M&A transactions can never be underestimated.

“It is essential that these considerations occur at the earliest stage within a transaction and engage relevant stakeholders across an organisation – it is an enterprise risk management activity. This excellent guide highlights the types of deals organisations undertake and will help our members to consider the principal risks, insurance and human capital considerations needed to complete M&A transactions successfully.”

The guide is released at Airmic Fest, the association's first major virtual conference, which is taking place this week.

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